Ideas That Generate Sales

Social Synthesis strives to be a one-stop shop for clients, providing an a la carte tailored list of services based on client needs that are clear and concise. We have a robust team of in-house talent, and strong alliances with vetted companies who can support our brands at the highest quality for the most competitive price.


Our Services

Digital Marketing

1. Websites

2. Social Media

3. Lead Generation

4. SEM y SEO

5. E-commerce

6. E-Learning

7. Mobile App Design

Shopper Marketing

1. Merchandising

2. Brand Activations

3. Promotions on the point of sales

4. Massive events in the center of consumption

5. Field Marketing

Corporate Image

1. Graphic design

2. Logos

3. Materials for printing

Media Buyer

1. Printing

2. Radio and TV Advertising

3. Digital Ads

Let’s Turn Ideas Into Results

Our stellar relationships with hundreds of point of sale establishments across the nation has been a key ingredient to Social Synthesis’s success, including grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, multiservice companies, restaurants and community centers.

Social Synthesis Is Comprised Of Three Companies:

Shopper Marketing Specialists

Execution and development of food product brand campaigns within the US. Services offered:

    • Bróker.
    • Brand Representation.
    • Introduction of products in the marketplace.
    • Brand activations.
    • Merchandising.

Tourism Mavens

Specialized areas within the tourism branch include:

    • Representation of hotels and destinations.
    • Creation of sister cities.
    • Agency visits.
    • OTA relationships.
    • Marketing geared towards Americans and Hispanics within the US, with a strategy for each.
    • Digital marketing for the tourism industry.

Integral Solutions For Digital Marketing

We offer first-rated qualitu at a fraction of the cost.

    • Website creation.
    • Communication managements witj clients, B2B.
    • Newsletters.
    • Social Media.
    • Content Management.
    • App Development.
    • Graphic Design.

Smart Strategy, Strong Results

We also have strong partnerships with many Latin American embassies and consulates across the country, including, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia and Peru — allowing us premium access to events and the ability to garner a more accurate pulse on the community and their tendencies.


Social Synthesis is the leading Hispanic, bilingual, bicultural marketing agency that is redefining how brands create enduring connections with cross-cultural consumers. Forward thinking and process-driven, we create compelling branding strategies; effective in-store and event marketing; and believe inspiring our team on the brands we represent. Great sales growth is the synthesis of a talented team and a solid client.

Headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida and founded in 2008, Social Synthesis has regional offices in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, California, Texas, Illinois, New York/New Jersey, Mexico and Spain.


From conception to creation, our experienced team of marketing strategists, designers, copywriters, web programmers, and field marketing staff are rapid, responsive and flexible. We hire based on talent, skills, strong work ethic and integrity. We strive to inspire our sales force on the brands we represent and believe that pursuit leads to great growth.

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Ideas That Generate Sales

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